RECENT: Business Development Manager, Landon, UK.
RECENT: Business Development Manager, New York.
RECENT: Business Development Manager, San Fransisco, CA.

Military Hire


As a veteran, you served your country, now let us serve your career. 5Staff and our clients understand the value that veterans bring to the workplace. That is why veterans are in high demand in the civilian workforce. When you’ve finish your military career, allow 5Staff to connect you with full or part-time job opportunities. We have contacts at companies of all sizes, in every part of the country, and in a variety of industries.

5Staff is nationally accessible and geared to align with flexible work arrangements, you can work with 5Staff from almost anywhere you are transferred. Whether you’re interested in a temporary or direct-hire position—with a large corporation or a smaller company—5Staff can connect you with the right opportunity.

We’re also proud to assist military spouses. Your support on the home front is invaluable to your family and our military. However, your career goals are equally important, and having a strong support system will help ensure that you achieve professional success.

The 5Staff Military Alliance is a partnership between military affiliate groups, and military installations around the country to recruit and hire veterans, wounded warriors, and military spouses. Through this program, we have established a specific military families hiring initiative that includes recruiting from military job fairs, through military job boards and from military bases in the United States.