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Urgent Care Staffing


Urgent care clinics (UCC) are skyrocketing in popularity. Urgent care clinics is expected to grow 5.8% each year through 2018* and the number of retail clinics is expected to double from 1,418 clinics to 2,868 by the end of 2015.** For urgent care, this translates to 3M+ total patient visits per week or 160M+ total patients visits per year.***

Patients want to avoid the long lines and hospital visits for their non-urgent needs. They also want convenient operating times, including after-hour care. These expectations, along with growing healthcare costs, more people getting insurance as a result of the Affordable Care Act, the population boom of seniors 65 and older, and the expansion of private insurance coverage, put UCCs on the fast track to growth. So as the UCC market grows, you need to stay accessible and adapt to changing patient needs.

Staffing levels play an integral role in meeting increased patient demands and expectations. So you need a UCC staffing partner you can rely on. With 5staff you’ll have the ability to quickly staff your urgent care or retail clinic with experienced, highly-trained healthcare professional