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Find vetted, stable workers in your industry.

5Staff integrates qualified and vetted immigrants into your workforce. We specialize in preparing migrant workers for employment and match them with a stable, reliable employers.

5Staff helps companies and employers find qualified and vetted migrant workers.

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The 5Staff mission

The 5Staff mission is to connect employers with qualified, reliable migrant workers who are looking for stable employment. We support migrant workers and those re-entering the workforce by sponsoring them, cataloging their documents, and matching them with jobs that benefit the employer and themselves. 
Our mission is to eliminate the employer’s responsibility in legally establishing and supporting qualified job seekers while offering these job seekers a safe, fair, and credible source of employment as they build their lives.

For employers

Find qualified candidates fast in one of the following industries.



Laborers, assembly workers, and management staff are seeking manufacturing roles like yours now.



Fill your in-demand skilled and entry level roles today with highly motivated and reliable candidates.


Fast Casual Dining

Candidates for with prior kitchen or customer service experience ready to get to work.



From entry level to management, we have experienced candidates ready to fill your retail role.

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The 5Staff difference

Above all, we at 5Staff work hard to support the community members that surround us, whether they’re an honest employer looking to fill a growing staffing need or a qualified candidates looking for stable, safe, and legal work in the United States. 
First and foremost, we value community and connection among our job providers and those trying to build a life of stability, safety, and support. We recognized the need to bridge these gaps and hope to do so through honesty, open communication and respect.

For job seekers

Set your career up for the long term in one of the following industries.



Do you have experience or an interest in the manufacturing industry? If so, we’ve got safe and legal work for you.



Candidates who enjoy customer-focused roles or have experience in related industries are a great fit for retail roles.


Fast Casual Dining

Candidates with prior kitchen or customer service experience are in especially high demand, but many candidates can be trained for these roles.



For candidates with backgrounds in system analytics, programming, and IT customer service roles.


Setting migrant job seekers up for success

Remember when we said we’re different in our approach to employment? That’s because of the process we use to connect you. We offer more than just good jobs. We also support your personal and professional growth. We hope your new job is just the first of many successes in your career and personal life. 


Support System

5Staff does the time-intensive work of receiving, processing and archiving all the documentation you need to work safely and legally in the United States.



This includes the citizenship and naturalization processes, acquiring a driver’s license and adequate identification, and documenting and verifying education and vocational training. 



Then, we provide you with healthcare, financial literacy, and English language classes to ensure you are prepared and successful in your next role.



Once all requirements are in place, we maintain records for you and help match you with the best roles for your education, skill set, location and needs.



After that, you receive a well-rounded candidate who’s ready to work and set up for success.

5Staff employee support

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Healthcare Benefits

Giving you the support you need

Becoming a 5Staff employee means becoming a partner of a community that supports your safety and growth. That's why every 5Staff employee receives healthcare benefit options after 90 days of continuous work with 5Staff.

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Your long term partner for success in the U.S

We understand that working in the U.S for a long period of time means paperwork and processes that may be difficult to understand. 5Staff is here to support your long term growth and success in the U.S.A. with support obtaining work permits and future sponsorship for citizenship.

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Financial Literacy Training

More than just a working wage

When you become a 5Staff employee, you gain access to a library of resources and knowledge that will help you take advantage of the salary you gain in your new position. We help our candidates understand credit, mortgage loans, car loans, and other financial systems and tools.

We’re ready to help you today.

Employers seeking qualified candidates across a range of industries, and skilled candidates looking for stable, reliable and credible work, look no further! We build the link between job and job seeker to better serve the community.

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