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Manufacturing Industry Roles

As a coastal state, New Jersey’s economy relies heavily on manufacturing companies, importers and exporters, wholesalers and distributors. Each of these business types are looking for motivated candidates who are ready to learn and get started. Do you have experience or an interest in the manufacturing industry? If so, we’ve got safe and legal work for you.

Types of Manufacturing Industry Opportunities

 The manufacturing industry encompasses employment opportunities in warehousing and distribution, production and manufacturing. Different warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants have different roles to fill. Some of these roles include in assembly work, logistics, administrative work and operations management. Find out how you can contribute to the growth of New Jersey’s economy in a manufacturing role. 

Assembly Work


Administrative Work


5Staff is your partner for long-term career success in the United States. We're here to support, protect, and prepare you to overcome the challenges of working in this country.

Are you a good fit for a manufacturing role?

Manufacturing roles are great for candidates who like to do physical work and have experience in the industry or are looking to try something new. If you have any of these qualities, you might be a great fit for a manufacturing job:

    You like to stay active at work
    You like a fast-paced schedule 
    You work well in highly-structured environments 
    You prioritize personal safety and the safety of your team 
    You work best as part of a team 
    You are a good listener and have high attention to detail

5Staff is here to support you

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Healthcare Benefits

Giving you the support you need

Becoming a 5Staff employee means becoming a partner of a community that supports your safety and growth. That's why every 5Staff employee receives healthcare benefit options after 90 days of continuous work with 5Staff.

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Your long term partner for success in the U.S.

We understand that working in the U.S for a long period of time means paperwork and processes that may be difficult to understand. 5Staff is here to support your long term growth and success in the U.S.A. with support obtaining work permits and future sponsorship for citizenship.

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Financial Literacy Training

More than just a working wage

When you become a 5Staff employee, you gain access to a library of resources and knowledge that will help you take advantage of the salary you gain in your new position. We help our candidates understand credit, mortgage loans, car loans, and other financial systems and tools.

Ready to get started?

If this industry sounds like it could be a good fit for you, let’s get in touch! We’ll help you get set up with next steps in the hiring and documentation process.

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