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Healthcare Industry Roles

The healthcare industry across the United States has struggled with staffing the last couple of years. Healthcare employers are actively recruiting qualified nursing and other medical professionals. If you’ve worked as a nurse or urgent care administrative staff, healthcare roles are open for you now.

Types of Healthcare Industry Opportunities

Healthcare centers around New Jersey are actively filling skilled nursing and other medical staffing roles. These include Licensed Practical Nurses, nurse manager contractors, Registered Nurses and urgent care staff members. Many healthcare facilities now regularly offer nurse contractor work and accept travel nursing candidates. Get in touch today to find a role that matches your credentials and experience.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Nurse Manager Contractor

Registered Nurse

Urgent Care Staff

5Staff is your partner for long-term career success in the United States. We're here to support, protect, and prepare you to overcome the challenges of working in this country.

Are you a good fit for a healthcare role?

Many healthcare positions require proper licensing and training before you apply. If you have a license or certificate in a healthcare role, hospitals, doctor’s offices and skilled nursing facilities are actively seeking your resume! Here are some good ways to determine whether this industry might be right for you:

    You love helping people 
    You understand the importance and value of working on a team
    You have a high attention to detail 
    You’re mature, focused, and have good communication skills
    You’re willing to take courses and become credentialed if you’re not already
    You have high attention to detail

5Staff employee support

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Healthcare Benefits

Giving you the support you need

Becoming a 5Staff employee means becoming a partner of a community that supports your safety and growth. That's why every 5Staff employee receives healthcare benefit options after 90 days of continuous work with 5Staff.

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Your long term partner for success in the U.S

We understand that working in the U.S for a long period of time means paperwork and processes that may be difficult to understand. 5Staff is here to support your long term growth and success in the U.S.A. with support obtaining work permits and future sponsorship for citizenship.

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Financial Literacy Training

More than just a working wage

When you become a 5Staff employee, you gain access to a library of resources and knowledge that will help you take advantage of the salary you gain in your new position. We help our candidates understand credit, mortgage loans, car loans, and other financial systems and tools.

Ready to get started?

If this industry sounds like it could be a good fit for you, let’s get in touch! We’ll help you get set up with next steps in the hiring and documentation process.

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