Who is 5STAFF?

5Staff is a platform that sources qualified workers and connects them with safe, legal, and stable work in the United States. We are a community-focused initiative that works just as hard at building the local economy and community connections as it does building the business. We hope to continue supporting marginalized communities and connecting honest employers with the a reliable workforce they need more now than ever.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver trustworthy human resource services to local and national businesses, as well as quality positions to candidates seeking safe and stable employment. 5Staff specializes in helping migrant workers establish themselves as legal employees and find safe, reliable work in the U.S.

In recent years, global supply chain and public health challenges have created two major issues in the American economy. The first issue we recognized was an immediate need to fill critical roles in a variety of industries, including healthcare, fast casual dining, finance, IT, and others. Almost every industry has recently experienced extreme staffing shortages, but that’s not because qualified candidates aren’t looking for these roles.

We also noticed a rising social issue in the United States: thousands of highly qualified, certified and trained individuals were unable to connect with stable employment due to citizenship and bureaucratic employment barriers. The team at 5Staff has found a way to foster connections between these groups, filling critical staffing shortages almost immediately, while sponsoring and supporting those trying to build a safe and stable life in the United States. Our mission is to continue fostering these connections, building our community, and supporting those in need through responsiveness, respect and trust. 

Our staff values

Our values are the foundation of our work

Not only does our business model stand apart from similar companies, but our values show through in everything we do. We are community-focused, so first and foremost, we value open communication, teamwork and respect. We pride ourselves in being responsive, decisive, and results-oriented in our pursuit of pairing engaged and empowered employees with the leaders who provide safe and stable work. Our values help shape the way we do business, because we care about people first.


We set job seekers up for success

Remember when we said we’re different in our approach to employment? That’s because of the process we use to connect you. We offer more than just good jobs. We also support your personal and professional growth. We hope your new job is just the first of many successes in your career and personal life. 


Support System

5Staff does the time-intensive work of receiving, processing and archiving all the documentation you need to work safely and legally in the United States.



This includes the citizenship and naturalization processes, acquiring a driver’s license and adequate identification, and documenting and verifying education and vocational training. 



Then, we provide you with healthcare, financial literacy, and English language classes to ensure you are prepared and successful in your next role.



Once all requirements are in place, we maintain records for you and help match you with the best roles for your education, skill set, location and needs.



After that, you receive a well-rounded candidate who’s ready to work and set up for success.

Ready to learn more?

We welcome your questions and can’t wait to meet you.