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Fast Casual Dining Industry Roles

Fast casual dining restaurants are actively seeking motivated, reliable candidates for a variety of roles. Candidates with prior kitchen or customer service experience are in especially high demand, but many candidates can be trained for fast casual dining roles with little or no experience.

Types of Fast Casual Dining Industry Opportunities

Fast casual dining roles include everything from short order cooks, bussers and cashiers, to shift supervisors and general managers. Candidates with a New Jersey driver’s license can also be matched with delivery driver roles. If you don’t have a license, we’ll help you apply.

Short Order Cooks



Delivery Driver

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Are you a good fit for a fast casual dining role?

Like the industry name suggests, candidates seeking roles in fast casual dining must be able to work in an extremely fast-paced environment sometimes, while staying productive during slower times. If you’ve worked in the industry or are good at managing your time well, you’re probably a great fit for fast casual dining roles. Here are some other helpful attributes:

    A friendly, helpful demeanor 
    Customer service experience
    You work well under pressure 
    You’re able to quickly prioritize tasks and think on the spot
    You’re a natural problem solver or level-headed in a fast-paced environment 
    You are a good listener 

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Financial Literacy Training

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When you become a 5Staff employee, you gain access to a library of resources and knowledge that will help you take advantage of the salary you gain in your new position. We help our candidates understand credit, mortgage loans, car loans, and other financial systems and tools.

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