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We know reliable, hardworking folks sometimes have difficulty finding consistent, safe and legal employment. It can be frustrating to feel overqualified and under-appreciated in low-quality positions that you can’t rely on for stability. 5Staff facilitates the connection between trustworthy, qualified candidates like you, and stable, responsible employers across many different industries. 

Not your typical employment source

5Staff is a little different from employment connection websites you might’ve worked with in the past. We’re dedicated to supporting marginalized workers as they establish stable lives in local communities for the first time. We recognize the challenges of building a life in a new environment, and we support our job candidates throughout that process. We’re here to help you get organized, naturalized, and connected with stable, safe, legal employment in a role you are qualified for. Employers across New Jersey are looking for candidates like you, who are reliable, responsible and ready to work.


Setting you up for success

Remember when we said we’re different in our approach to employment? That’s because of the process we use to connect you. We offer more than just good jobs. We also support your personal and professional growth. We hope your new job is just the first of many successes in your career and personal life. 


Support System

5Staff does the time-intensive work of receiving, processing and archiving all the documentation you need to work safely and legally in the United States.



This includes the citizenship and naturalization processes, acquiring a driver’s license and adequate identification, and documenting and verifying education and vocational training. 



Then, we provide you with healthcare, financial literacy, and English language classes to ensure you are prepared and successful in your next role.



Once all requirements are in place, we maintain records for you and help match you with the best roles for your education, skill set, location and needs.



After that, you receive a well-rounded candidate who’s ready to work and set up for success.

Opportunities in a variety of industries

Whatever your skill set, we can match you with a job you’re qualified for across a number of different industries. All roles are labor law compliant and offer candidates a minimum of 25 hours per week.



The hospitality industry is actively filling housekeeping, food service and customer service roles for candidates who like to stay active at work.



Are you most productive in a highly structured daily schedule? Some high-demand manufacturing roles require little or no experience.



Do you have experience in customer service and a friendly demeanor? Employers in this industry are interested in meeting you.


Fast Casual Dining

The fast casual dining industry is experiencing a shortage in focused, reliable, disciplined employees for these fast-paced restaurant environments.



Are you a certified healthcare professional? The healthcare industry is hiring nurses, medical coding, billing, and administrative professionals, and other skilled healthcare workers now.



Put your computer science, customer service and coding skills to work with one of our many opportunities in information technology.


Supply Chain

Do you have experience or an interest in logistics, warehousing, or a related field? Employers in supply chain management want to talk to you today.

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