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Reliable Fast Casual Dining Workers are Ready for Hire

Fast casual dining industry has recently had a rough time addressing its worker shortage nationwide. Locally, we’re ready to provide New Jersey businesses in the fast casual dining industry with reliable, motivated candidates who are ready to work now.

Candidates for the Fast Casual Dining Industry

We know the fast-casual dining industry suffers most frequently from a reliable labor shortage. Our candidates are vaccinated, documented, reliable and ready to learn. Whether you’re looking for a new worker to train as a short order cook, delivery person, or cashier, or an experienced customer service professional for your open management positions, we have qualified candidates for you.  

Short Order Cooks



Delivery Driver

5Staff helps reliable employers find vetted, stable workers.

Fast Casual Dining Worker Skills

Some of our fast casual dining candidates have experience in other customer service fields, like hospitality or sales. Most were matched with this industry because:

    They’re reliable and responsible 
    They’re punctual and can work at a fast pace
    They’re able to think quickly “on the fly”
    They’re great listeners with attention to high attention to detail
    They’re ready to start learning today 

Ready to fill your job openings this week?

No matter your industry, we can connect you with our network of qualified, reliable candidates today. Get in touch for more information and for next steps in the process. If your business is seeking trustworthy candidates and offering safe and legal work, we want to hear from you!

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